Creating Thriving Communities With Solar Energy

Salina Solar Co is all about making clean, renewable energy more accessible in Central and Western Kansas, especially for commercial and agricultural businesses. You can trust our solar energy experts for:

System Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Battery Storage and Generators
Guidance and Assistance in Energy Grants and Energy Tax Credits
A close up of the solar panels on the ground

The Benefits of Going Solar

Generating More Energy Savings

With electricity rates constantly increasing, solar energy lets you save more on costs every year. The power produced will pay for the cost of the system typically in only two years, while the system’s lifespan is expected to be over 40 years.

Increasing Property Value

According to studies by the Appraisal Institute and other similar associations, having solar power systems in buildings can potentially enhance their real estate values.

Creating a Good Impression

Solar energy is viewed favorably, and businesses with solar power systems are seen as forward-thinking, technology-savvy, and financially stable enterprises.

Gaining and Retaining More Clients

Our clients tell us that having solar power helps meet their businesses’ and clients’ environmental goals. The proposed federal laws require federal contractors to provide climate disclosures and keep their environmental footprint low to qualify for work.

Because of that, having a solar energy system in your business’s or subcontractor’s facilities will soon become more important than ever.

Get Started

Take the first step toward a more sustainable future with Salina Solar Co. Connect with us to learn more about our solar energy services. We’d gladly answer any questions you may have.

A woman in an orange helmet is working on some solar panels.